Elsabe performs as fun talker at various events. She enjoys the challenge of new topics.

Possible events:

  • Guest speaker at prize-giving or academic opening ceremonies, corporate prestige
    functions, Secretary days, formal dinner parties, annual office functions,
    church/congregational functions, special birthday celebrations, Women’s Day, Mother’s
    Day etc.
  • Mother-and-Daughter functions, Mother-and-Son functions, Father-and-Son functions
  • Staff Motivation at schools, companies, estate agencies etc.
  • Talks for teenagers: From grade 7 to grade 12 learners on life skills, sexual decision
    making, personal leadership and management, the importance of a healthy self-image
    and managing peer pressure.
  • Study skills
  • Weekend breakaways for couples, women groups etc.
  • Talks on spiritual topics

Possible topics:

  • A ladle full of divine Eno’s -about humour and laughter as a shield against darkness
  • Laugh a while and give your face a rest – a humorous (even naughty) look at life and being human.
  • Are you moping or coping?
  • Old age is no place for sissies
  • Pump the primus stove – a fun talk for couples
  • The secrets of female succulence.
  • From Tormented Tina to Happy Hilda
  • For teenagers: Are you cool or common?
  • For parents: Cool parenthood
  • The woman in all her roles
  • Living from the inside out
  • Are you whining or winning?
  • Let’s communicate – spouses and parents and children.

(These topics are only examples.)

For bookings, contact her at [email protected]